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We run our courses across a number of fantastic central London venues, all geared towards making your experience one to remember. For courses that have sold out you can still add yourself to the waiting list by clicking 'Book Now'.

  • story creation thumb

    Storytelling & Story Design - 11/09/18

    11 September, 2018 -

    £495.00 + VAT

    This course explores how great stories work and can be retold to reinforce our understanding of any idea, however complex.

  • Slide Design Thumb

    Slide Design for Presenters - 12/09/18

    12 September, 2018 -

    £495.00 + VAT

    This one day public slide design course explores all the skills you need to create clear, dynamic and balanced slides.

  • Crowd Thumb

    Presentation Skills - 1 day - 19/09/18

    19 September, 2018 -

    £495.00 + VAT

    This one day public presentation course enables you to confidently deliver any presentation, in any format, anywhere.

  • Director Thumb

    Presentation Skills - 2 day - 03/10/18

    3 October, 2018 - 4 October, 2018

    £995.00 + VAT

    This two day public presentation course takes you to the next level of presenting by covering in detail everything you need to know to get your message across with power, poise and passion.

  • resilience thumb

    Everyday Resilience - 23/10/18

    23 October, 2018 -

    £495.00 + VAT

    Enhance your ability to deal with the stresses and set-backs of today’s work environment - you will discover practical techniques to better manage your own level of resilience.

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