10 great presentation apps for ipad

Over the past year we’ve seen the iPad continue to evolve - becoming not just a near-perfect device to run your presentations from but also a place to create stunning visuals as well. As we rapidly approach the end of 2014, we've put together a list of our current favourite and most productive iPad Apps to create beautiful slides.


Canva is a beautifully conceived App that turns your ideas into professionally designed slides. There are a vast array of fully-editable creative templates with well chosen fonts. Canva is free and also streamlines the whole process of using stock images if you choose to - with most pictures costing just $1.00. It's also extremely effective for creating infographics. Full blog on Canva

Canva Honey


Pixelmator is another brilliantly put together slide design tool. There are over 160 different filters which allow you to create and carry through a visual style - whether it's tone and colour or more advanced uses like erasing objects. We often use the 'blur' tool to allow our fonts to punch out off the screen. This is a very easy App to use with stunning results.



Skitch is really useful when it comes to selecting images and having to add notes, symbols or hand drawn pictures like the one below. You can also use it as a blank page just for sketching and mocking up ideas. We've put Skitch on our list over other similar Apps because it's so simple to use and thus saves valuable time.



Keynote from Apple remains the best slide development software on the iPad - its simple clean designs are still head and shoulders above PowerPoint. If you are going to use transitions and animations Keynote really excels with effects worthy of Hollywood. A must for any iPad user.



We recently blogged about this new App for displaying data in all its different forms. This is already a powerful tool that we think can only get better. Once you start using it you’ll get hooked. Right now it's a free App so definitely worth downloading and experimenting with.

Chartcube Ipad

Adobe Voice

This is my five year old son's favourite App on our iPad. I think children love it because they can put together cinematic animated stories with their own narration. It's so simple to use and the results are stunning. It's particularly brilliant when you need to demonstrate how a product or service works. I've recently noticed it being used online from smaller independent businesses right up to the big Fortune 500's. Full blog on Adobe Voice



Although this is not a 'creation' App like the others, it does enable access to every TED Talk in one simple, clean piece of software - we believe it's essential revision for anyone planning a presentation. TED follows a very successful format enabling powerful and engaging talks. The App also makes it easy to download a talk and watch it later offline - handy for flights, no wifi etc.



If you need to put together video footage for your presentation, then we think this really is the best choice for the iPad. The intuitive multi-touch gestures make the latest version of Apple's editing software a joy to use. Whether it's adding soundtracks, titles, effects etc. it really is incredibly easy on the iPad.



Hyperlapse from Instagram is another of our favourite Apps. It really is remarkable. You'll be able to create amazing time lapse videos that you can use in your presentations. What makes Hyperlapse so special is the stabilisation properties. Whether you're shooting on the back of a bike or running at full pelt, you'll film smooth, cinematic footage. Another one of those Apps we can't quite believe is free.


Our final choice is Pinterest’s iPad App. There's no better place to find inspiration for your next presentation.


We feel these 10 Apps will give you everything you need to create beautiful contemporary slides, with not a bullet point in sight…!


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