3 presentation tips from a comic genius

A few days ago Hollywood began the awards season with 'The Governors Awards' for lifetime achievements in film.

As presenter Martin Short hysterically put it, 'the Governors Awards are the highest honor an actor can receive in mid-November'. One of the worthy recipients was Steve Martin, who gave a hilarious and often touching acceptance speech.

Although not strictly a presentation, there are three key elements to his delivery that can be studied and used by anyone planning a presentation.

1. Take your time

Throughout the eight minutes Steve allows time for the audience to laugh and reflect. Taking your time also allows you the space to comment in the moment on anything that may arise. In Steve's case it was Tom Hanks leaning in to take a picture on his phone.

2. See your audience

Steve covers the entire audience with eye contact, often holding the gaze of many close friends gathered in the Grand Ballroom. It places him firmly in the present, and gives us a genuinely touching moment when he refers to his wife in the audience.

3. Know your humour

Steve Martin is a very funny comedian and we would expect him to give a humorous speech. Most importantly though it’s his own humour - it is authentically Steve Martin's style. We all know whether we make people laugh or not. So always use humour that is your own and that you know works.

Here at Edison Red we really focus on creating truly authentic presenters that the audience can trust. You don’t have to be the funniest person in the room - but you do need to be you.

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