a very apple christmas tale

Apple are masters of telling great stories, and their Christmas ad campaign entitled ‘Misunderstood’ is no exception. It is truly brilliant in its simplicity.

The 90 second story features a teenager who seems to be missing Christmas all-together because his eyes are permanently glued to his iPhone. I’m sure anyone with children and a digital device will recognize this scenario. The hunched shoulders and only fleeting glances at the world around him reinforce the assumption that he’s either texting how dull the whole experience is, or busy finding red jellybeans in Candy Crush.

Before we know it, it’s Christmas morning and the set up is paid off – it’s suddenly very reminiscent of the final scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Genius.

On our Story Creation course we explore what makes an effective narrative. 'Made to Stick' by Chip and Dan Heath is a book that we recommend for anyone interested in telling memorable stories.

Its main theme is that for a message to stay with us or stick it must be:







That’s why we feel Apple’s campaign is so effective - it contains every single element of the Heath Brothers’ SUCCES acronym:

The STORY is SIMPLE - a family head to the grandparent's house for Christmas. It’s interesting to note that the scene is very deliberately set up. Afterall we could guess it’s the grandparents we're encountering, but the dialogue is very clear and leaves nothing to chance: “It’s Grandma and Grandpa’’. It’s CONCRETE and CREDIBLE. The movie beautifully put together on the teenager’s iPhone 5s is UNEXPECTED and the outcome is quite clearly EMOTIONAL.

The next time you’re drafting a story for that all important presentation, take a moment to recall SUCCES. And the missing ‘S’? Well that’s so you won’t forget!

From everyone at Edison Red have a very Happy Holiday.


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