Alternative uses for PowerPoint

Taken the plunge and decided to do away with PowerPoint (PPt) in your presentations? Never mind – the classic programme still has plenty of other uses… 

We like to think we’re past the days when you’d stand – back usually to the audience – and read directly from a PowerPoint.

And while presentation skills have become more refined since then, PowerPoint - once the ultimate business tool – still has a few tricks up its slides.

Here are some alternative uses for your PPt programme…

1. Laying out your novel. Or your ebook, or screenplay, or any passion project. Move chapters around and add images to your heart’s content.

2. Storyboarding/editing. Shooting a film and need help sorting out what shot goes where? Use stills from key scenes and upload them to PPt.

3. Digital flip book animation. Like an adult version of those old flipbooks you used to draw in the corner of your school exercise books.

4. Mapping your family tree. Youcan go for a traditional ‘tree’ design (and even download a free template) or give everyone their own slide with a little biography and flattering photo.

5. Digital portfolio. Whether you’re an artist, photographer or writer, you can now stop lugging around pages of documents or huge images in a folder – simply stick them all into a PPt. Better still there are a multitude of slick predesigned templates you can download that will save you hours in design time.

6. Curated video playlists. You can embed YouTube videos onto slides and add you own text commentary below.

7. Website wireframes/mock-ups. Copy, paste and overlap images & text when brainstorming design changes to your site or blog.

PowerPoint Webpage Wireframe


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