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It's not often we comment on software but just over a week ago Adobe, the company that creates complex software like Photoshop and Illustrator, launched a brilliant presentation tool for the iPad.

Adobe Voice is an incredibly intuitive app that lets you create well-designed visual stories to use online. Adobe Voice is difficult to describe, as it's the first of its kind. Voice allows you to make a cross between a video and a slide show - often known as 'explainer videos'. You've probably seen scores of these online as various companies and charities tell you what they do and why.

They often look as though an expensive design team has put them together – but now Adobe has changed all of that. The software is easy to use and a lot of fun, but above all your finished product looks great. It looks and feels like something Apple would have produced. You can add a soundtrack, animation, typography, photos and add a professional narration of your own. The narration cleverly controls the movement of each slide, so you don't need to worry about timings.

We also think it would work really well as a sketching tool to map out ideas for larger presentations where you might need greater flexibility. Its uses are far reaching - we can see it being used for business proposals, company updates and we can also see kids loving it.

Another great feature that is built within Voice, is the ability to search for hundreds of thousands of online images under the Creative Commons license (Free to use). Once your presentation is over, the app displays an end slide crediting those photographers. It's an incredibly elegant solution.

Once you've told your story, it’' very easy to then post it to Twitter or Facebook or send via email or text. This is an online tool, so don’t expect to save it to your PC - but then again why would you need to?

We have absolutely nothing to gain in promoting Adobe Voice – we just love it. It's an intuitive, simple and elegant approach to telling visual stories. You'll be hooked in less than ten minutes – and it's FREE!

If you do try it, we'd love to see your masterpieces. You can email them to

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