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Understandably you may have not been watching the Teen Choice Awards on the Fox network on Sunday. Had you tuned in though you may have been surprised to witness a great presentation; Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech for the 'Ultimate Choice Award'.

If you persevere beyond the first 60 seconds which are fraught with a nervous Ashton scratching his neck whilst umming and erring through the screams of thousands of teenage girls, you’ll see and hear an accomplished presentation. It’s easy to forgive his nerves as you see his presentation very quickly build with such energy, presence and momentum as he delivers his message.

Ashton excites and inspires his young audience with a level of passion and sincerity that significantly enhances his likeability, credibility and his audience’s love for him.

Acting aside, Ashton begins by grabbing his audience’s attention and telling them that he feels like a fraud; of course his real name isn’t Ashton. He then lets them into a little of his world as a young man where he worked in a grocery deli, washed dishes and even swept cereal dust off the floor. This is a lovely display of relevant and impactful self -disclosure as he expresses his point that opportunity is all about hard work.

The whole 4 minutes is structured around 3 simple but important and inspirational messages and he delivers each with absolute conviction:

Opportunity looks like hard work.
The sexiest thing in the world is being smart, thoughtful and generous.
We should build a life not live it. 

Have you ever noticed how people like things in threes?

Given the structure of the speech, it's no surprise to hear Kutcher quote Steve Jobs in his closing section. It will certainly be interesting to see how well his performance of the Apple founder in the soon-to-be-released biopic 'Jobs' will be received. If nothing else he has clearly taken some inspiration from the presenting skills of the late entrepreneur.

I wasn't necessarily an Ashton Kutcher fan in the past but something tells me that could begin to change. That’s the power of a well delivered 4 minute presentation. 

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