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Somehow we all managed to miss Breaking Bad here at Edison Red, so yesterday I bought the first three seasons after seeing them on special offer.  My wife and I sat down and began to watch, 5 minutes in and it was already proving to live up to the nail biting hype.

Series creator Vince Gilligan knew exactly where he was taking his main character. He famously pitched the show to AMC by saying “You take Mr Chips and turn him into Scarface”. At Edison Red we believe whatever your presentation you should be able to distill it into one sentence. Once you know that, your presentation will be driven by a crystal clear message.

Breaking Bad in one sentence - A high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and resorts to selling methamphetamine to provide for his family when he is dead.

Michael Slovis, the director of photography on the show  said, “The photography should be a character”. We feel the same applies for slides; your slides must be a character within your presentation. Just like great cinematography your slides should maintain a style and flow that doesn’t jar - unless it’s deliberate!

If you need to put information onto slides it’s really worth studying TV & movie title sequences to identify the styles used. Do the font sizes change? Do the colours shift? What is their relationship on the screen? Spot any bullet points…?

Below is a short but fascinating look into the amazing skill that goes into the creation of title sequences. I urge anyone who wants to improve his or her slide layout and design to watch it.

And for anyone who knows me and has seen Breaking Bad, (it seems most people) please avoid discussing it, It’s hard enough avoiding the finale online!

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