google nexus 7 and the art of storytelling

We are always on the look out for well told, compelling stories and the latest global campaign for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet delivers a great one in just 90 seconds.

We were also drawn to the advert as it touches on a subject close to our hearts - public speaking and the fear often attached with it. We spend a lot of time with companies and individuals from all over the world assisting them in creating powerful stories and then helping them to deliver those stories in the best way possible. What we loved about Google’s story was the simplicity and skill in which it was executed. This could have been an ad straight from Apple’s marketing team.

It’s not easy to create emotional attachment and empathy in a minute and a half, but there are some clever key pieces of storytelling that really allow this to happen.

At the very start of the ad we hear a boy’s voice, and we begin to sense what he’s like - it’s a great device that immediately throws us into his story. We then learn that he’s anxious about giving a school presentation and we also get to see his face. As such we already begin to feel we know him within 10 seconds.

The beautifully simple soundtrack then kicks in and takes us on his journey of fear and discovery, as he seeks out the answers to solve his dilemma. The choice by the creative team behind the piece to only include his mother as the other main character is also beautifully crafted; she’s his guide and mentor.

Our hero eventually slays his demons and, with the help of Franklin D Roosevelt, realises “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. It’s a new dawn and he’s never going to look back.

It’s the archetypal hero’s journey that’s been told for thousands of years and it still works today.

We’re pretty sure it will help shift a few Nexus 7’s as well.

Image credit: Flickr


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