LA skaters inspire slide design

We live in a world of great design, whether it's natural or man made.

Being a rapidly aging skateboarder I'm always watching videos of contemporary skaters and their landscapes, and it was whilst browsing through Vimeo that I came across the beautiful 'Urban Isolation' by filmmaker Russell Houghten.

The film focuses on different skaters in locations around LA and painstakingly (I would imagine) all the traffic has been removed. It's a beautifully composed idea brilliantly realised. Each series of shots places the skater in an almost perfect position.

The stills could be used as example backdrops for a presentation on so many different subjects. I've taken the US's increased trend in traffic congestion, as opposed to Europe's falling stats, as a possible starting point for an imagined presentation. I've included 2 examples with the same content but different backgrounds to illustrate how to adapt font position and colour. We would always recommend you only use copyright free images or your own.

skater slide 1

Skater Slides2

Houghten's work is a great example of looking at placement and design symmetry. It can also give you ideas as to where to look for dark and light areas on an image to find areas to place text.

You can buy prints from the Houghten's film directly from his own web site here.

Images reproduced by kind permission of Russell Houghten & Flickr.


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