the tall tales we tell children

At Edison Red we're big advocates of people incorporating their own life stories into their public speaking events. When we ask our clients to recall their stories, they invariably recount the imaginative tales their parents drummed into them as children – the ones designed to ensure they avoided dangerous situations or running off into the unknown.

My wife Jenny's parental tale is one of my favourites: in order to deter her from sticking her head out of the car window on the motorway, her parents warned her about the ‘Window Witch’. This evil and toothless old lady hovered above speeding cars waiting for that single strand of hair to blow in the wind so she could catch it. Once she had it she would be able find that child, wherever they were, and in the darkest part of the night steal them away forever. Clearly this was before electric windows, child locks or Google. Jenny claims it never failed!

That’s why we love this short animation from Manchester based design company Kilogramme. It's a charming film about why children need to be quiet on trains….or else! Written and directed by Jon Turner.


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