What is Resilience anyway?

Programme leader Justin McCarron looks at Resilience – what it is, and how it could benefit your team…

The relentless pace of change in today's workplace - amplified by the global pandemic - brings with it huge challenges, from increasing job insecurity to rising levels of stress.

In such a climate, the idea of resilience is a valuable one, because it offers us the possibility of surviving in demanding and uncertain times – of preparing for and learning from setbacks, the better to face what life throws at us next. As former Navy-Seal Eric Greitens puts it in his book Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, it's not so much about bouncing back as it about learning to move through hardship and challenge.

As long as we've been alive, we've been learning how to survive and thrive – we're built to withstand extreme hardship and adversity. And one of the interesting things about studying resilience – and learning how to apply these learnings pre-emptively – is how often we’re seeing that the insights of ancient thinkers and traditional approaches to dealing with stress and survival are now being borne out by developments in science and psychology. We can increase our natural (or genetic) resilience level through techniques designed to boost our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Eric Greitens quote

Now if people can show resilience in stressful situations, why not help equip them with the skills and attitude to meet challenges resiliently before they're put to the test? In our resilience programmes, we focus on helping people address their challenges where they are right now, assessing their current levels of resilience and working through ways of helping to make them better prepared for the next challenge.

The programs are necessarily very bespoke, because everyone's challenges and levels are unique to them. But what we can do through personal resilience training is help people develop their mindset, enlarge their toolkit, to help them better navigate the very complex and rapidly changing world they operate in. Drawing on best practice from many different fields – including psychology, sports and the performing arts – we offer insight and support to help you face, overcome and even be strengthened by the everyday challenges and adversities you experience.

Because ultimately, resilience is about learning to survive and thrive in the face of hardship and adversity. Simply put, it's the art of living – it's the essence of being alive.

Interested in a resilence course for your organisation in-house? Read more about our bespoke resilience programmes.


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