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Our Presentation training delivers real, sustainable results that you, your colleagues and your clients will notice straightaway.

* Presenting with confidence

Our practical and bespoke techniques build on your natural presenting skills so you'll feel in control in front of any audience.

* Making your message stick

We help you develop your own material and explore the best ways to get your message across so that it will be remembered.

* Inspiring your audience

We enhance your authentic presenting voice using proven techniques that keep any audience engaged and inspired.

* Knowing you're always supported

We support you before, during and after your time with us - it's our commitment to your development as a presenter.

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Ways in which we work

In HouseIn-house Presentation Training is built exactly around the presenting needs of your organisation and its people. London, Paris, New York or Caracas - we work throughout the UK and across the globe.

"Without exception the feedback from the team, along with myself was brilliant. I can't recommend Edison Red highly enough, it's a sound investment in the development of your team." - CPI Card Group

We offer several formats from one or two day training sessions to on-going consultancy where organisations are looking for a company-wide cultural shift.

Also see our Storytelling and Slide Design In-house courses.


One To OneOne-to-One Presentation Coaching allows us to work with you on a highly personalised level. We help you prepare your material and perfect your performance ahead of that huge keynote address or speech.

"You go into a 2 hour session wondering what progress you can possibly make in such a short time and you come out transformed. My boss described my presentation as the best I had ever given." - RICS

Our expert coaches ensure that you get your key presentation messages across in a way that will resonate with and inspire your audience.

We can deliver presentation coaching anywhere, over one or a series of sessions.


Open CoursesOpen Courses are designed for small groups of individuals from different organisations and run from our fantastic training rooms in London.

As with all our training, the courses are highly practical and bespoke to the needs of each individual in the room. The following courses have dates scheduled throughout the year and are available to book online now:

Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills 2-day
Slide Design for Presenters
Story Creation & Storytelling


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