dancers vs. powerpoint

Every now and then somebody presents to us at Edison Red and stops us in our tracks.This is often because they create something that instantly affects our senses beyond just sight and sound.
A renowned retail company once lit thirty scented candles and gave the audience beautiful soft robes to sit in whilst we listened to their presentation.

It was a powerful effect that we all remember to this day.

John Bohannan’s presentation has a similar effect; it must have been quite an experience if you were in the audience. We learn about the movement of light photons and lasers and super fluids, through the powerful use of dance.

John makes the point that if you are trying to communicate a complex message then the fewer words you use the better. He suggests it may even be better to use dance than words when it comes to science, and especially when it comes to PowerPoint.

This is an unusual and effective presentation which uses dance to communicate a message rather than relying purely on words. Interestingly it works.

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