secrets of great talks

This is a fascinating presentation because it is so full of data.
Nancy Duarte explores the mechanics of what makes a dynamic and powerful presentation.
'You have the power to change the world’.
These are Nancy’s opening words and her key message on the screen.

How do you communicate your world changing ideas?

She takes us through story structure and the Hero’s Journey. Every story needs a likeable hero who encounters roadblocks and then emerges transformed.

Nancy shares her findings based on the principal that all great art has a shape - as such every great presentation must also have a shape.

The simple graphic of two key opposites is repeated over and over again as peaks and troughs. ‘What is’ versus ‘what could be’ - her shape culminates in what she calls a ‘new bliss’, which is where we must feel that everything has changed. The new dawn.

Nancy reinforces this with by overlaying the transcripts of some famous presentations - namely Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs - with her rising and falling ‘pattern’, and of course it matches perfectly.

Towards the end of the presentation we see a little more of Nancy herself - her disclosure about her alcoholic parents is both touching and fascinating. There is a distinct shift in her eye contact as she crosses her hands and looks to the floor. Suddenly we see her roadblocks. It’s a moment of unintentional physical release that is intriguing. Nancy's bravery in sharing some intensely personal experiences from her past makes her presentation all the more compelling.

Nancy Duarte is an amazing visual designer and someone you'll often hear us refer to on our slide design courses. After seeing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, which her company created the graphics for, it's clear she has certainly played her part in changing the world.

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