the power of intention

We all know Jim Carrey as a very physical performer, and in this presentation he uses that same physicality to animate his words.
His hand gestures, his head and shoulders, his torso, his eye contact are all saying the same thing; he cares about what he is saying.
He repeatedly uses 'iconic gestures'.

He uses his body to physically build us a picture.

He shows us how ‘little’ he was as a kid with a single hand gesture, that he ‘monkeyed around’, he takes us into his living room with a sweep of both arms and stresses ‘not one single thing’ by thrusting both arms down together on each word.

Consider how much you use iconic gestures. They build pictures and can allow us to see more clearly a particular picture you may want to create.

Movement brings a presentation to life and energizes you as well as your audience.

Presentations can often be ‘one way’ with little audience interaction. Highly effective presentations involve the audience. Carey reaches out and points to an audience member on the very back row in the last seat and asks them a series of questions. What is very effective about this is that he uses whatever he is given, he doesn’t block it. Allowing your audience to be right, whatever they say, can be incredibly freeing. There is no wrong answer or comment.

It can of course be a risky strategy singling out someone from the audience; you may have just woken them up! Carey has a lot of charm and charisma and pulls it off with humour. Consider doing something to get your audience involved. That may just be by asking them a rhetorical question or two.

Most of us know Jim Carey the actor, but few of us really know Jim Carey the man. Carey is presenting on one of the life's big issues ‘The power of Intention’. He very quickly lets us in to a very personal and emotional part of his life with a relevant story about his mother and his childhood. This gives the audience a chance to see an intimate and effecting side to his life, one that we can probably all share, and so we create an emotional connection.

Self- disclosure can be one of our most powerful presenting tools and something we nearly always work on with people on our presenting courses. We can always choose what to disclose, the key is that it is used to illustrate your message. If it’s not relevant to mention your shoe size, then I probably wouldn’t.

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